It’s during the course of 2015 that Sébastien St-François created along with three certified translators the Vortexte group. This nominal partnership between four independent certified translators who have decided to join forces to better serve their respective clienteles for all their translation needs, regardless of scope. By working together, the group’s members can provide continuity in serving their clients while offering a broader range of expertise.

The four members of Vortexte boast a combined total of more than 80 years’ professional experience. They are committed to quality service and take the time to evaluate clients’ needs, so as to provide customized service that fulfils their expectations.

Unlike the big agencies that take an industrial approach to translation, at Vortexte, each member handles the mandates entrusted to us on an end-to-end basis, from first contact to invoicing. The mission is to offer our clients high-quality professional translation and editing services in the framework of a long-term partnership.